16 March 2012

a pleasant surprise~

Well, its not my birthday yet but i had an advanced birthday date with my baby~ err, though i kinda ruined it.. but, what he did was really sweet and touching. It was the first time he ever bought a present by himself (though with some help from his friends. haha), but overall it was really thoughtful of him.

I didn't expect much from him lah, seriously, but he turned up with a box (diy some more!), and then gave it to me, ahahhaha!! so cute lorrr. well. let's take a peek.

tadaaa~~ and yes! the diy box!! what's inside?

a RA-PIG keychain!!! SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! <3 hehhe, comes in a pair la though. he took the male RA-PIG. XD (ra stands for rabbit, pig.. yeah you know. XD)

and!! another one!! XD

this cutie monkey that represents me!! XD hehehhe

well, thank you so much for the presents my dear~~ i love it. and i love your HAND WRITTEN LETTER the most! XD ahahahahaha! sorry i kinda ruined it.. but, yeap, it was a great day. =)) <3 you.